​The Trust’s Values Statement

  • elizabeth-morse-values-statement-image.jpgTenet 1—Promoting “THISS:” promoting, instilling, and/or reflecting the values of individual and/or organizational thrift, humility, industry, self-sacrifice, and/or self-sufficiency.
  • Tenet 2—Relieving Human Suffering: relieving human suffering by: (1) performing research and/or promoting education regarding the treatment of disease; (2) assisting youth who are from disadvantaged backgrounds, have troubled childhoods, have physical or mental disabilities, or experience emotional disorders; (3) addressing the concerns of the elderly; and/or (4) providing succor to humankind during time of natural or human-made disasters.
  • Tenet 3—Developing Individual Self-Esteem and Dignity: developing within individuals, especially youth from underserved and/or under-resourced communities, a sense of self-esteem and dignity.[1]
  • Tenet 4—Encouraging Vigorous Athletic Activity: encouraging vigorous athletic activity, leading to physical health and/or spiritual well-being.
  • Tenet 5—Developing Regional Solutions to Chicago’s Regional Challenges: developing regional solutions to Chicago’s regional challenges, thereby protecting and/or improving the quality of life for all its citizens.

[1] It is safe to say that just about every non-profit organization could connect to this particular tenet of The Trust's Values Statement. If an applicant elects to connect to this particular Value, it should first consider the following:

  • The focus of this particular Value is on youth from underserved and/or under-resourced communities;
  • The applicant must explain why it is working to develop a sense of self-esteem and dignity within the program participants, i.e., why the program participants lack a sense of self-esteem and dignity in the first place;
  • The applicant must provide measurable goals/outcomes for developing a sense of self-esteem and dignity within the individuals it serves; and
  • The applicant must demonstrate that it has in place a reliable evaluation tool, such as pre- and post-tests, to measure achievement of the foregoing goals/outcomes.

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