Applying to The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust for a Grant is a two step process.

A. First, The Trust requires a Letter of Inquiry, which must:

  • be no more than three pages; letters exceeding three pages will not be considered. Please note that if the applicant elects to send a cover letter with the Letter of Inquiry, the number of pages in the cover letter will be counted in determining whether the applicant has exceeded the foregoing maximum page requirement. Do not include any attachments when submitting the Letter of Inquiry;
  • be doubled-spaced and written in Times New Roman 12 point font with standard, one-inch margins; and
  • contain the following:
    • a brief description of the applicant, its mission, and history;
    • a description of the project or purpose of the request;
    • the grant amount requested; and
    • how the grant, if made, will carry out the mission of the Trust. (See Mission\Funding)
    The purpose of the Letter of Inquiry is to provide a brief and broad overview of the Applicant and the project or purpose of the request. If invited to submit a Full Proposal, the Applicant will have an opportunity to provide additional detail.
    Applicants who have previously recieved a Grant from The Trust must, prior to submitting a Letter of Inquiry, timely submit in accordance with its Grant Agreement a Report to The Trust on the prior Grant.
The Trust reviews Letters of Inquiry on an on-going basis. Review of Letters of Inquiry under normal circumstances will occur sometime between one and four months after receipt.

B. Second, based upon the review of the Letter, The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust will advise the applicant whether to submit a Full Proposal.

  • In the event that The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust invites a Full Proposal, The Trust will advise the applicant of additional application requirements, as set forth in "Specific Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting a Full Proposal to The Elizabeth Morse Charitable trust"; and
  • Please note that The Trust performs an initial review of a Full Proposal during the first month immediately following the month in which The Trust receives the Proposal, e.g. if The Trust receives a Proposal in January, then it will perform an initial review in February. The initial review may result in a request by The Trust, either during the month of initial review or in a month subsequent, for a site visit and/or the production of additional information and follow up materials. The Co-trustees meet during the first month of each calendar quarter to review the status of all pending Proposals and to take final action on those Proposals for which The Trust has successfully completed its initial review, including performing a site visit, if any, and obtaining additional information and follow up materials. The Trust makes every reasonable effort to adhere to this schedule; review and approval of a Full Proposal, however, may take longer than the foregoing estimate.

C. The above is a summary of The Trust's grant Application Guidelines. if an applicant is interested in submitting a Letter of Inquiry, The Trust recommends obtaining a complete copy of "General Guidelines and Procedures for Inquiring about a Grant from The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust." (See Contact Us)

Please do not put The Trust or the Trustees on any mailing or email lists to receive any items or requests to purchase tickets or tables at fundraising events.

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